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Metagrid is a perfect companion for all creative Mac/Windows users who work with complex software like graphic suites, digital audio workstations or video-editing software. It enables you to streamline your workflow and control your favourite apps on Mac directly from your iPads (up to 4 devices at the same time) by sending:

– keyboard shortcuts
– text

iPhone 6

MIDI notes
MIDI Program Changes
– powerful macros

Metagrid is shipped with ready-to-use predefined view sets for popular creative apps like Illustrator, Photoshop, Protools, Logic X Pro, Digital Performer, Final Cut, Cubase, Studio One for Mac as well as Cubase, Digital Performer and Studio One for Windows. We will be adding more content for Windows soon.

Metagrid features deep integration with popular DAW applications like Logic Pro X, Cubase, Digital Performer and Studio One. You can choose from complete sets of commands available for these DAWs directly on your iPad and in no time assign them to your buttons.

Metagrid detects the application that is in focus on your computer and automatically displays the appropriate defined viewset. For custom views you can select several view sizes (from 6 up to 110 buttons).

Metagrid features hundreds of icons with dedicated sets for Illustrator, Photoshop, Protools, Final Cut, Digital Performer, Logic Pro X, Cubase and Studio One.

Metagrid can connect to your Mac/Windows computer through WiFi network and/or USB port.

– iPad device with iOS 9.x or later
– a computer running OSX 10.9/ Windows 7 and later with installed Metaserver application which can be downloaded from our website (

IMPORTANT: The update may overwrite your database so remember to back up your data following the instructions in the manual. After the update you will be able to restore your backed-up custom viewsets following the instructions in the manual. For additional safety please back up your iPad to be able to revert to earlier Metagrid version. Please download Metaserver v1.4 from our website and if you use app-specific commands, reassign MIDI ports in your DAW after running the new version of Metaserver for the first time.

======NEW FEATURES ======
– multi client support – now you can connect up to 4 iPads to one computer running Metaserver v1.4
– shift buttons added to Scene Bar
– Secondary View functionality – now you can assign two views to a scene and switch between them with the new shift buttons.

======IMPROVEMENTS ======

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iOS 8

– Now you can assign icons to scenes buttons (scene button can now display text only, icon only and icon & text)


– redesigned Scene List screen
– Undo/Redo functionality added in Edit Mode/Scene List
– Swap Buttons function added in Edit Mode (swipe down gesture on a button)
– Now you can resize view to a bigger size by touching Grid Size on Edit Mode: View screen.

====== BUG FIXES ======
– Studio One: “Add bus to Selected Channels” command now works as expected (download App Specific Resources v1.4 from our website)
– Cubase: “MixConsole Lower Zone” command now works as expected.

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