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Meter Reader by Mobilis Labs

Meter Reader is a customizable app created for people who read meters such as water, gas, electric, etc. By utilizing all the features of your iOS device, Meter Reader can drastically improve all aspects of your business from recording readings to managing properties and services.

Some of the highlights:
• Integrates with billing systems and other 3rd party software


GPS enabled features


• Attach photos to readings, properties, and services
• Minimizes reading entry errors

Meter Reader makes reading meters easier and more accurate. The "Reading Map" displays color-coded pins to denote read and unread meters. This comes in handy in determining how much is left to read or if a meter was missed. You can tap one of the map pins to be taken to the "Reading Entry" screen for that property. Use the route line options to illustrate the sequence of the meters to read. Other map features like zooming, map types, and reader location are also helpful.

The "Reading Data" screen allows you to sort the readings by the route sequence and read/unread meters. Also, the quick search makes it easy to find a meter by address, meter number, or customer name.

For accuracy, upload a high and low audit reading to prompt the reader to verify their entry. You can also set thresholds for each individual service to prompt for overages. The reader can also add pre-defined comment codes to denote reasons for not being able to read a meter, report a negative reading, or report an issue with the property. You can even attach a picture or make a note on a specific reading.

Once a reading route is complete, the reader can email the completed reading file to the main office before even leaving the field.



The simple, yet flexible structure allows you to put your properties into groups, or "communities." Organize your properties into a structure that best fits your needs. Add the appropriate services to your properties as well as customer information. You can even attach pictures to your property and/or service if needed.

The Meter Reader "Properties" screen is designed to quickly provide all the relevant facts about the properties in a community. For each property, you can easily see the services and their status, if a customer record exists, and if GPS coordinates have been saved. From here, you can quickly drill down to the "Property Detail" screen for more information about services, property info, and customer info. Select a service and drill down another level to the "Service Detail" screen for more detail on the service such as reading history.

Meter Reader was designed to be customizable to fit your needs. For example, there are multiple ways to get your properties and services into Meter Reader. Use one of our pre-defined templates or use one of your existing files. The app allows you to customize a file format for your existing file, so it can be easily reused over and over again. You can also customize an export file format to transfer your readings to a billing system or other third party application.

If the file import is not for you, properties can be added as simply as dropping pins on a map or you can type in the address if you prefer. Meter Reader can also look up the GPS coordinates for your properties for use in reading routes.



The administration section allows you to create and manage user accounts and codes such as service types, reading codes, and meter models. You can also create and restore a backup of your data if needed. Documentation can also be accessed via the administration section. Use the "File Manager" to email, import, and delete files going in and out of Meter Reader. You can also create "File Formats" and access the standard import templates.

Meter Reader is full of features to enhance your business and can be customized to do so.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Added an alternate reading date field for exporting

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