Mia for Gmail | Best Apps and Games 20 April,2019

Mia for Gmail

A desktop email client for your Mac, without a browser !

"Mia for Gmail is a fine replacement for Google’s dearly departed original" – Andrew Hayward (macworld.com)
"The Gmail app I was waiting for !" – Eric (mac4ever.com)

* Read and compose your emails without a browser (attachment files supported).
* Labels selection.


* Quick email overview (pass your mouse over an email)
* Desktop notifications for incoming emails (10.8+)
* Multiple accounts support (with the Premium version upgrade).


* Fast and lightweight

lyra mckee

Mac Pro

* Secured: Mia for Gmail is using the oauth 2.0 protocol.
* Mark as read, delete, archive or spam directly from the application.
* Dark mode support.
* Choose the notification sound (among the system sound list)
* Choose your default browser for each account (if ever you prefer to read/compose your emails from your browser).

Note: Mia for Gmail is a 3rd party application for Gmail.

New: a "confirmation before deleting" option: when you open an email, you may want to disable the confirmation box before deleting or archiving the email

New: the ‘primary’ label to the label list.

Fixed: You can’t click on ‘send’ if the ‘To’ field is empty

Improved: the compose window takes immediatly the focus, you will see the blinking cursor. And when hitting the return key, it will really create a new blank line instead of continuing writing in the same block. It should be the same behavior as the one in gmail, allowing to make clear in-line answers.

Thanks for your support, we keep working and improving Mia for Gmail thanks to your suggestions 🙂

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