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MindMeister (mind mapping)

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*** MindMeister is the companion app of the #1 collaborative mind mapping site MindMeister.com ***

MindMeister lets you create, edit and share your mind maps on the go and synchronize them with the award-winning free online MindMeister service.

"[…] the syncing, sharing, rapid-entry features of MindMeister make it my top pick."
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MindMeister is the one and only mobile mind mapping app you’ll ever need. Whether you’re using it in the boardroom, the classroom, the presentation hall, or the lunch meeting, MindMeister can help you organize, prioritize, and even generate new thoughts.

Designed from the ground up as an extension to our award-winning, browser based interface, the MindMeister app stores your mobile creations and seamlessly syncs them with your online account. Of course, you can also use MindMeister without an online account, as a stand-alone application on your iPad or iPhone.

Feature highlights:

– Create and edit unlimited mind maps and folders
– Real-time collaboration
– Seamlessly sync maps and folders with your free online account
– Can be used stand-alone (without online account)
– Share maps directly from the device


– Multi-touch support for drag & drop, zoom, pan
– Add icons, colors, styles and map themes
– View and edit notes, links, tasks and attachments on ideas
– Draw connections between nodes
– Play presentations
– Manage Favorite maps
– Quickly insert ideas ("Geistesblitz")
– Export maps in RTF, PDF and PNG format

Additional features with Pro subscription:

– Add images and photos to topics

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– Export maps in MindManager, Freemind, XMind, MS Word and MS PowerPoint format
– Export Slides as zip file

Additional features through mindmeister.com interface:

– History view and unlimited undo / redo
– Publish maps, synchronize tasks, etc

For creative and busy professionals on the go, not being able to remember that "Next Big Idea" can lead to lost opportunities. With MindMeister never further than a swipe and click away, you’ll never be stuck trying to remember anything. Ever. MindMeister allows you to quickly and conveniently capture your thoughts, ideas, notes, tips, or any other information you want to save for later. Finding these ideas across multiple mind maps is a breeze, thanks to MindMeister’s powerful internal search.

Visualizing your thoughts is a great way to remember them and have them close by, but the real fun with MindMeister’s app gets started upon entering collaboration mode. Got a great idea and want to share it with your co-worker that’s halfway around the world (or halfway across the office)? Simply create your mind map, sketch out a few ideas, and then invite your colleague to join you. Once in MindMeister’s brainstorming mode, both mind mappers have a real time view of what the other is thinking, and can see the changes/additions to the mind map in real time.

Complete with the familiar MindMeister icons, colors and map styles, the MindMeister app is the perfect way to get started with mobile mapping, as well as a great compliment to an online MindMeister account.

– New sources for topic attachments: iCloud Drive, Photolibrary, Camera
– Fixes limited scrolling across some big mind maps
– Fixes incorrect presentation playback on non retina devices

iOS 9

– Fixes incorrect font on topic notes
– Fixes some crashes

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