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Minecraft Seeds Pro


◈ With over 13 MILLION USERS – 1 000 000 UPLOADS in the app and over 3000+ AMAZING & HANDPICKED featured seeds. We are the largest seeds library! No need to search for a good seed any more! ◈

This is the one and only ultimate app for you to get the seeds you always searched for! From beautiful landscapes with incredibly large waterfalls to secret caves and hidden dungeons! This app will constantly provide you the newest and very best seeds worth checking out!

Have you ever gotten bored with a map on Minecraft? Ever wanted to explore something new and beautiful or epic? This app will constantly provide you with awesome seeds worth checking out. Check them out now!

▷ Tons of SEEDS for all platforms!! PE / PC / Console / Even MODS!

iPhone 7s

▷ User made creations on all platforms!!
▷ Loads of Servers to browse through for all platforms!
▷ Upload your own seeds/skins/servers right from within the app!
▷ Comment/Rate/Discuss/Follow other users – be part of a MASSIVE community of more than 13M users!
▷ Search users by their Mojang, Xbox or PSN username and get in touch!
▷ Universal app, buy once, install on all your iOS devices for free
NEW seeds and updates FREE of charge!



If you have any questions, comments, information or feedback, email us at [email protected]

This is an official Minecraft app supported by Mojang. With this you are ensured to get all the latest and highest quality seeds available!

Update changes 8.0.1

– Faster loading of profile pictures.
– Search fields now automatically highlight directly when tapping on search icon.

– Improved players count in Servers-section.
– Added rotate option to images when in fullscreen mode (Button in the bottom right corner).
– Fixes avatar studio issues. Sorry for this bug everyone. It managed to slip its way into the app in unnoticeable ways. It should now be fully functioning again as usual though and should not produce white/inverted avatars nor any trailing pixels at the end of the avatars anymore 🙂
– Fixes issues causing Whats hot images in Skins section to animate weirdly.
– Bug with not being able to update ’Show Online/Offline status’-setting.
– Bug with remove upload image ”X”-button in Upload new seed page appearing behind the image selected.
– Fixes issue with News cutting off articles too early.
– Fixes bug causing strange quirks to appear when editing upload descriptions.

gene wilder

– Fixes issue with not being able to reset search fields.
– Fixes slowdown issues when reporting and copying seed IDs.
– Issue with search query not being reset when changing subsections.
– New PM badge in menu disappearing when scrolling menu list.
– Fixes bug with Whats hot images for sections containing spaces in their names not working (Creations > Roller coasters, Seeds > Feed The Beast, & more).

Update changes 8.0.0

Our biggest update YET is FINALLY HERE! TONS of new Features & Additions! Please visit the News-section in the app for the full change log!

– Private uploads revamp! Now referred to as ‘Personal’ uploads and can be accessed from the ‘Post new upload’-button inside the menu. Personal uploads can be viewed by all users inside your profile and the Private section has been replaced by the Stream section where you can now view ALL of the uploads, both Private & General, by all the users you follow directly in one, long, convenient and comprehensive list.
– PE Skins!
– Custom default seed sections!


– Brand new servers section!
– Choose which users to notify you on new uploads!
– Ability to Sticky uploads to the top of your uploads lists!
– Add users to existing Group PMs!
– Stream page enhancements! Now use the stream to view ALL of the uploads by the users you follow – everything from Private & Personal uploads to Seeds & Servers! Check it out!
– Brand new Updates-section!
– Search seeds by keywords!
– And TONS of other features and improvements!

Don’t forget to update your apps now to take part in ALL the awesome new additions & sweets included!

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