Mischief… Sketch, Create, Explore | Best Apps and Games 16 October,2018

Mischief… Sketch, Create, Explore

"The technology is impressive, but it’s the app’s usability that shine." – Mac Format

"While other programs slavishly adhere to the ancient rules of what art should be, Mischief rips it up and starts again" – Imagine FX Magazine

Mischief is a revolutionary, infinite canvas drawing app that allows you unlimited freedom to sketch, create and explore.

Mischief’s unbelievable responsiveness delivers a natural drawing experience, like actually sketching with pen and paper. Create authentic feeling pencil roughs and silky smooth line work that scales beautifully.

Absolutely Intuitive:
– Mischief is designed to be easy to use. You don’t need a manual to get started, just pick up your stylus and draw.

Creative Freedom:
– With Mischief you are not limited by specific image sizes or resolutions. You can create artwork with extraordinary levels of detail, explore vast ideas on an infinite canvas or create stories within stories within stories… The possibilities are endless.

State of the Art:
– Mischief uses an advanced new stroke representation that gives you the richness of pixel-based brushes and the scalability of vectors. Mischief handles a zoom range of 50 trillion to 1, so your artwork can grow organically without constraints.

Mischief Highlights:
– Infinite drawing canvas

now you see me

– Export massive, high-quality images
– Layers
– Marquee Selection
– Full color panel with customizable color swatches
– Customizable Hotkeys
– Preset brushes
– Save 6 brush variants for quick access
– Background papers and colors

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– Infinite Undo/Redo

iMac '27


– Export JPEG or PNGs
– Export layered PSD

Mischief is ideal with pen-based interaction. For optimal experience, use in conjunction with a Wacom tablet.

*For the best experience, we recommend running Mischief on OS X 10.9 or above.

* toolbar is now moveable
* bug fixes and stability enhancements

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