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Mise En Place Kitchen

MISE EN PLACE KITCHEN is a lightweight and extremely effective way to manage the ordering and inventorying of any kitchen.

iOS 8.1

A Chef can now keep their "Order Guide" on their iPhone or iPod Touch and easily generate orders that then can be sent off to any purveyor with an email address. With the ubiquity and stability of email today, let Mise en Place Kitchen give you complete control over the placing of orders.
  Take an order and place an order once. Do away with having to transcribe that order a second time, speak it into a voicemail account, or try to place it in the middle of a lunch rush. 

brittany furlan

   Free up your Marketing Associates time so they can focus more on keeping you up to speed with weekly specials, new items, and industry trends. Because your orders are still directly sent to your to your sales rep and not into a clunky web based interface, personal attention is still ensured.
   Mise en Place Kitchen brings back the harmony between you and your sales rep.

iPhone 6

  Spend less time in the office and more time in your kitchen, where you belong.

A Chef’s Order Guide on the iPhone or iPod Touch. 

Easy to use touch interface. 

Email orders directly from the device to a Marketing Associate. 

Maintain an accurate order and inventory history. 

View your order guide all at once or by “vendor” and “place in kitchen”. 

Leave no room for order error by generating a clear and concise virtual “paper trail” via email. 

Assign as many details to an item as you wish to ensure an accurate order ( i.e. item numbers, quality, pack size, etc.).

Use as a "grocery list" for cash and carry businesses.

Enjoy a consistent, fully stocked kitchen with the power of par stocks, our inventory function, and the ability to generate orders with the press of a button based on those numbers. 


Fixes bug that would cause app to crash if tried to delete pending order.
Improved finance for items.

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