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Mobile Mirror

Mobile Mirror places real time cotton gin production data from a Samuel Jackson Moisture Mirror X in your pocket.

Critical data like production rate, recent shift production totals, moisture measurements, and ambient weather conditions make you feel like you are standing at the control console in the gin, whenever you want to be there.

The “Cash Counter” functions just like the one on the Mirror X, but lets you show it to anyone you are visiting. Real time data showing how much economic impact you are making often impresses potential customers. Adjust the cotton price for the calculations directly from your iPhone!

Mobile Mirror requires use of Samuel Jackson Remote Access. Only authorized users will be able to view your gin’s data. All settings are preconfigured and require no adjustment or configuration from you. Simply enter the authorization information for your gin’s Remote Access Service (one time), run the app, and enjoy visiting your gin’s console room whenever you want to.

*Requires Moisture Mirror 2X, 3X, or 4X and a Remote Access Service from Samuel Jackson. Consult your SJI Rep before purchase to verify all system requirements are in place.

Updated for iOS8

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