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… an advanced System Monitoring Widget for OS X Yosemite. Monity takes it’s place in OS X Yosemites new Today View and oversees your components statistics just for you. Having an eye on your systems and network usage without messing around like before with huge and uncomfortable symbols in the menu bar was never so easy.

Features list:

# System monitoring
● Uptime, Processes, CPU Usage

# Memory Management
● Wired, Active, Inactive, Compressed, Free memory

# Network Activity
● Monitoring of all active Networks
● Active Connection, shows external WAN IP, internal LAN IP Address
● Incoming & Outgoing Traffic (current & total)
● Copy IP to Clipboards or open in your Browser

# Battery Usage
● Current charge with time left, original capacity of your battery and load cycles
● Battery charging and usage in Watt
● Battery charge of Bluetooth Mouse, Trackpad and Keyboard

# Disk Usage
● Mounted volumes (Internal, External, Network, USB, CD/DVD, TimeMachine, SD-Cards)
● Detailed Space usage
● Unmount Volumes directly within Monity

# Individual Dashboard
● Widget Settings with individual customization options
● Show / Hide Panels
● Rearrange Panels
● Exclude Volumes from Volumes List
● Switch between multiple Values by clicking on them

# Support
You found a bug (… sorry for that), or you have a brilliant idea which we should implement into Monity, so feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

This version fixes several stability issues and a critical network error.
Thanks for all of your suggestions, constructive reviews and compliments. I really liked to read all of your mails and of course I will try to implement most of your suggestions with upcoming versions of Monity, starting with this one.

Please note: in order to update the Widget you may need to open the Monity Main App from your Applications Folder once.

● new Widget UI Design
● new Window with Dashboard for Monitys App
● added Settings Panel to Widget
● added customization of all Panels (show / hide / rearrange)
● added customization of Volumes Panel (show / hide Volumes)
● fixed a critical bug which causes Monity to crash when there’s no second Network Adapter
● fixed Network-Traffic showing wrong values.
● fixed Text changing to black while enabling „increase contrast“ in Universal Access
● fixed rotating through Volumes (volumes are sorted by path now)


● fixed network Volumes incorrectly recognized as internal hard-drives
● fixed Monity showing wrong battery charge values
● fixed increased font-size
● fixed Portuguese translation (thanks to Rodrigo Colombaro)
● fixed French translation
● fixed Dutch translation
● fixed Russian translation

canberra earthquake

● switched position of Upload/Download traffic
● added Dropdown Button with option to choose between available Network Interfaces
● added option to show up to 6 Volumes at once
● added more detailed information on Volume usage

Steve Jobs

● added function to expand or shrink the Volumes Panel
● added function to unmount Volumes directly from within Monity Widget
● added support of Magic Trackpad’s battery charge
● added support of TimeMachine in Volumes
● added support of CD/DVDs in Volumes
● added support of SD Cards in Volumes
● changed CPU usage information in percentage value (User, System, Idle)
● added Battery usage in Watt


● added click function on external WAN IP copies it to the clipboard (alt + click opens it in your Browser)
● added click function on internal LAN IP copies it to the clipboard (alt + click opens it in your Browser)
● added click function on volumes usage text label switches between display mode (used / total space) and (free / total space)
● added click function on free memory text label switches between display mode „free" and „free total“ (free + inactive)
● added click function on Bluetooth Mouse/Trackpad Battery Text label switches between Magic Mouse / Magic Trackpad

Keep a look out for the next version of Monity including many outstanding features.
And as always, your suggestions and constructive critics are very welcome at [email protected]

© 2014 Lukasz Kulis