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Moonlight – Moon, Weather, Quote and Radio Player

Interactive moon calendar mixed with smooth 4-day forecast, climatic soundtrack, refined internet radio, stunning sky animation and meditative quote slideshow? Meet Moonlight, the most chilling AppStore experience ever! It will cover all your weather, musical, moon calendar and contemplative needs.

On top of it all, it’s completely free and without annoying banners. That’s because Moonlight is all about the experience. If you’re into the beauty of art, music, moon or sky and you like your apps refined and simple, download Moonlight right away!

Moon phases MADE SIMPLE:

iPhone 6

★ follow the moon phase, illumination, position and distance second by second
★ slide to look up the moon phase for coming or past days, months or years
★ enjoy the informative Moon-Earth scheme and stunning moon animation

★ precise hour-by-hour 4-day forecast for your current location

iPhone 7

★ convenient charts for temperature, pressure, wind and precipitation
★ sky animation reflects the real weather for time choosen by you

★ take a moment to reflect on the moon with famous thoughts about it
★ use your device as an animated photo frame with slowly passing quotes
★ immerse yourself in the fitting, peaceful underwater animation

Music & Radio MAGIC:
★ enjoy the carefully selected climatic, moon-befitting soundtrack and radio
★ never miss that special track with radio bookmarks and history
★ feel the magic of sound with album art and northern light visualization


You will LOVE IT!
★ relax and relieve stress observing the audiovisual harmony on the screen
★ with one slide, you will make the sky fit your mood and playing music
★ despite being free, Moonlight won’t attack you with intrusive ad banners

Your iDevice will LOVE IT!
★ revolutionary 3D engine lets your iDevice expose its true power
★ radio quality switching will cut down your internet transfers on the go
★ power saving features ensure the best possible battery life


COMING SOON: A new weather data source will become available in the upcoming update, which will solve the inaccurate forecast problem for Australian users. Additionally, Moonlight 2.1 will support one-touch weather data source switching, taking app’s forecast to a whole new level. Stay tuned!

★ weather forecast to complement the moon info
★ album art in radio & music for your viewing pleasure

doncaster rovers

★ radio integrated with Amazon music store

Your feedback GOT HEARD!

iPad Pro

★ improved date changing by date hold & drag
★ iOS GPS icon behavior fix
★ many other tweaks based on user feedback

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