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MOST-96120 Memory Orientation Screening Test

The MOST-96120 is an advanced professional version of the Memory Orientation Screening Test: MOST®, specifically configured to meet CMS requirements for “neuropsychological testing administered by a computer with qualified health care professional interpretation and report,” billable under CPT 96120.

With the MOST-96120, a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, supervised physician’s assisted, or licensed psychologist can rapidly and easily assess memory and executive functions in a patient and compute a validated and reliable 0-29 point score. The MOST score is compared with an extensive patient database to help the professional differentiate normal cognition from mild cognitive impairment or dementia. The app automatically scores the test, produces a report of findings and a generates a score-specific list of best practice recommendations from which the clinician can select a treatment plan for that patient. The provider electronically signs the final report and can print it, send it to an EMR by email or save it in Dropbox.

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In addition to the “Provider Report” for the patient’s medical chart, we have added a “Family Report” that describes the test results and the provider’s treatment plan in nontechnical language suitable for patients and families. The Family Report is intended to improve communication of findings and adherence to the treatment plan. This report can be downloaded and printed or sent by email.

The MOST-96120 is administered in less than five minutes by the provider or an assistant, with contextual cues at every step. The provider’s review and decision making is intuitive and adds only minutes to complete the assessment. The resulting report is constructed in an easy-to-read format showing the MOST score, the patient’s clock drawing, the selected recommendations, and provider’s additional recommendations. A valuable feature of the app allows former users of an older, popular mental status tool to convert that score to a MOST equivalent score, making for easy transition to the more valid and reliable MOST and gauging whether interval change in cognition has occurred. The MOST-96120 also points the user to background information about dementia and to the peer-reviewed validation studies for the MOST.

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