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Movie Phone

With Movie Phone you can imitate phone calls and sent messages during film shooting with precise timing over WiFi network.

Movie Phone is an App created for Property Masters in the Film Industry.

iPhone 6

With Movie Phone you can fake calls, send messages or images over your local WIFI hotspot from the Prop Master’s phone to the actor.
There is no need for a carrier which enables the Prop Master to contact the actor with precise timing with calls and messages during the filming of a scene.
Everything is customizable: contact informations of incoming or outgoing calls like numbers, names, portraits, etc., user images, backgrounds etc…
Textmassages for the actor can be prepared and saved in advance and then easily sent during a take.
It is possible for the actors to type messages themselves.
If the actor doesn’t want to focus on typing the message himself, an auto typing feature is implemented so that a previously prepared text appears on the screen while the actor pretends typing the message.
Native PopUp Message feature is also implemented. You can customize and save every PopUp Message and send it when required.
When the Actor presses the OK button after having received a PopUp Message it is possible to set up what screen will be shown next. For example: blackscreen, home screen or open the messenger etc.
While in the messenger you can send images from your local library and if necessary view them fullscreen.

You need two smartphones that are connected over a local WiFi hotspot.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

One phone can also create a WiFi hotspot and the other connects to it.


Than you are ready to interact. If required you can connect up to 20 devices and contact them simultaneously.
The Setup is easy and self explanatory. You can monitor the results in a small preview.
You can save all your messages and images so you only need to push a button to sent a message or make a call.
In Demo mode you can not save messages or images but you can test all functions with the basic images and messages to see if it works for you.
If you buy the App you can use it on all devices you own!
For customized version or feature request don’t hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for supporting indie dev’s.

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