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Music Streamer for Pandora Radio

Listen to Pandora music without installing Flash Player on your Mac!

You enjoy Pandora very much, right? Then you’re definitely gonna love Music Streamer for Pandora Radio in seconds! Play and discover millions of songs on Pandora with such a lightweight app that lives right in both menubar and Today View.

* No Adobe Flash Player
Unlike web browsers or other apps, Music Streamer for Pandora Radio DOESN’T need Adobe Flash Player. Perfectly secure!

* Widget Mode
Music Streamer for Pandora Radio has a menubar widget. In it you not only can see the song’s artwork and info, but also can control the playback and everything.

* Today View Widget
You also can add a fully functional widget to the Today View if you are on Mac OS Yosemite or El Capitan, so it would much easier to access Pandora and control it.

* Customizable Shortcuts
It’s insanely easy to control this app with shortcuts (toggle play/pause, next track, and many more). And all shortcuts are TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE!

* Media Keys


Not quite satisfied with customizable shortcuts, and want something easier? Then try to use keyboard media keys (F8, F9) to toggle play/pause and change tracks.

* Background Playback with Now Playing Notifications



Even with Music Streamer for Pandora Radio closed, your music still keeps playing in the background. And there would popup notifications when the music changes.

* Other Cool Features
Music Streamer for Pandora Radio also has a number of other features to improve user’s experience, including important ones like show popup notifications, and opacity adjustment.

Wanna quit listening to Pandora music the traditional way and free up your browser? Then get a copy of Music Streamer for Pandora Radio now, and experience your beloved music service the way you never did before!

Note: Music Streamer for Pandora Radio is a third party app. It’s not developed by, associated with, endorsed by, or affiliated with Pandora Media, Inc. PANDORA is the trademark owned by Pandora Media, Inc.

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