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My Alarm Clock


My Alarm Clock turns your Mac into a BEDSIDE CLOCK with gorgeous themes and current weather information, an ALARM CLOCK that sings your favorite tunes, and a SLEEP TIMER that lulls you to sleep at night!


• Designer clocks: enjoy a variety of stylish clock faces
• Multiple alarm support: you’ll never oversleep or miss an important event!
• Nightstand mode: turn your Mac into a gorgeous bedside clock
• Weather information: check live local conditions and temperature
• Convenient application settings: get easy access to any option you need!

My Alarm Clock provides the functionality of 4 indispensable apps in 1:

*** Alarm ***
– Wake up to your favorite music
– Use built-in alarm sounds



– Set multiple alarms with different tunes
– Add your notes to the alarm!
– Adjust the volume of Sounds/Music
– Snooze option

*** Clock ***
– Exclusive designer clocks
– 12 or 24 time format
– Show/Hide seconds
– Show/Hide day of the week
– Enable/Disable chimes

*** Sleep Timer ***

MacBook Pro

– Create your own playlist with your favorite songs
– Go to sleep to white noise
– Adjust the volume of Music/White noise

*** Weather ***

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– Check live weather conditions and temperature
– Weather conditions and temperature in any location you choose
– Temperature unit: Fahrenheit/Celsius
– Wind speed in mph, km/h, or m/s
– Show Weather ON/OFF

Enjoy a perfect balance of beauty and functionality with My Alarm Clock!

– The app can now automatically update you on weather conditions in your current location as you commute or travel
– Better experience with optimized UI
– This update also includes improvements to overall stability and performance.

Thank you for the comments submitted by email. We appreciate your feedback and are constantly working on making the app better.

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