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My Reasons – Habit Builder

Whether building new, good habits or breaking old, bad ones, there are reasons behind wanting to better yourself. My Reasons puts those reasons front and center to keep you motivated to be the best you can be.

My Reasons keeps track of your progress in forming better habits as you mark off your successes each day, but it goes much further than that.

Add photos and text to each habit which represent your reasons for wanting to make or break that habit. Whenever you need inspiration, simply launch My Reasons and a beautiful animation of your reasons helps keep you motivated to stay the course.

Add the My Reasons extension to the Today View on your iPhone or iPad and swipe down from the top of your screen from almost anywhere for a quick reminder of your reasons.

On your Apple Watch, simply activate the My Reasons Glance for a little inspiration right on your wrist. You can even mark and unmark habits for the day from your Apple Watch without having to pull out your phone.


• Supports multiple habits.

• Keep My Reasons in sync across multiple devices with iCloud (enabled through app settings).

• Each habit can have multiple photos and text reasons.

• Photos can be added using the camera or from the photo library.

• Flexible scheduling allows you to pick the days of the week and timeframe each habit appears.

• Swipe left or right to switch between multiple habits that are scheduled for the same day and timeframe.

• The calendar view lets you monitor your progress over time.

• The "Today" extension puts your reasons in the Today View.

• Apple Watch support.

• Toggle which photos will or will not appear in the Today View or on the Apple Watch.

• Sync between multiple devices with iCloud (enable in app settings).

• Improved Apple Watch app lets you mark/un-mark habits as completed for the day.

• Improved Today View extension.

• New option lets you choose if a given photo can be displayed in the Today View and Apple Watch app or only within the My Reasons app itself.

• New Settings option to adjust the text size used for displaying reasons.

• Improved Calendar View visually represents the ratio of completed habits to uncompleted ones on a given day.

• Fixed a bug where habit names weren’t wrapping properly in the All Habits panel of the Calendar View.

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