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MyScripts allows you to process text by creating and executing javascript. The script can process the text in the clipboard or the text from other apps (via MyScripts custome URL scheme and Open In). The processed text can be opened in other apps, copied to the clipboard, opened as a URL, or displayed in a debug screen.

The script editor has code completion and auto indent features that allow you to create a script easily and quickly.

– Clipboard input and output from JavaScript
– "Open In" input and output from Javascript

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– Background clipboard monitoring (for ten minutes)

valencia vs celtic

– Extended keyboard to type symbols quickly
– Cursor keys (Enabled from Settings app)
– Sample Scripts (Multi-language Translation, Wiki markup conversion, etc.)


– Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion (iOS7 support is coming)
– Script backup/restore using Dropbox app (Open In to restore)
– Tagging scripts for easy management
– Searching title and script body

If you have any comments or you have found any bugs, please make a comment at the support page ( or contact via twitter (@unitkay).

– OPTION/ENCOPTION fields are added.

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