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Natural Gas Pipe Size: pipe sizing & pressure drop calculation for natural gas installations

Estimate required pipe diameter for natural gas piping / installations in an instant. Calculate pressure drop for the selected pipe section.

This application provides a quick and simple way to obtain required pipe diameter when designing natural gas piping systems.

Only some basic user input is required (heat output and pipe length) and the result is instantaneous and accurate.

The application allows to perform calculations at a wide range of conditions, as gas lower heating value, temperature, pressure and location altitude can be set individually in order to get accurate results.

After a quick estimate of the recommended standard or nominal pipe size, the user can choose their own diameter, customize pipe material and define fittings and valves to calculate volume flow rate, velocity and pressure drop. The app will notify the user if their chosen diameter is too small.

Natural Gas Pipe Size app can perform calculations using metric or imperial units.

– Provides required pipe diameter for a pipe section in an instant;
– Recommended diameter is displayed as a standard DN or nominal NPS;

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– Gas working pressure and temperature can be specified;
– Wide range of working conditions (heat output, pressure and temperature);
– Suitable for individual (home) as well as larger, industrial applications;
– Different predefined materials can be selected;

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– Fittings and valves can be selected from the list;
– Displays natural gas volume flow rate and pressure drop for selected pipe section;
– Suggests whether the selected pipe diameter might be too small;


– Metric and imperial units;
– No data connection required to perform calculations;
– No ads, no in-app purchases;

Note: the application displays results for a pipe section. Calculations for multiple pipe sections should be performed separately.

– Slovenian language.

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