NetNewsWire | Best Apps and Games 4 December,2018


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NetNewsWire 4, completely written from the ground up for iPhone. NetNewsWire is the best way to keep up with the sites and authors you read most regularly. Let NetNewsWire pull down the latest articles, and read them in a distraction-free way.

Sync – Sync your sites, read articles, and bookmarks with NetNewsWire Cloud Sync.

Favorites – Focus your unread count on the things that really matter to you.

Popular Sites – If you’re just getting started, NetNewsWire can suggest some great reading material.

Sharing – Send articles to Instapaper, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Find Later – Bookmark individual articles, mark sites as your favorites, and quickly find them on your other devices.

Distraction-Free – Reading in a browser means putting up with unwanted stuff. NetNewsWire puts the focus on content.

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