Nevron Draw | Best Apps and Games 23 February,2020

Nevron Draw

Nevron Draw is a professional diagramming software that allows the visual creation of diagrams, flowcharts, organizational charts, mindmaps, UML diagrams, electrical diagrams, floorplans and general purpose drawings.

Nevron Draw features an intuitive user interface in which diagrams are created by simply dragging and dropping shapes from shape libraries onto the multiple drawing pages supported by each drawing. Shapes can be visually formatted, resized, edited and connected with each other to display complex relationships.

Nevron Draw comes equipped with a large amount of predefined shape libraries suitable for various types of diagrams. Many of the predefined shapes feature smart interactive features that allow the user to adjust their geometry by just dragging control points. Additionally users can create their own shapes and store them in libraries for further reuse.

Nevron Draw integrates a large set of automatic layouts that can come handy when arranging large diagrams. In this way Nevron Draw can also be used as a general graph drawing tool.

Diagrams created with Nevron Draw can be printed or exported to image (PNG, JPEG, BMP etc.) or PDF format.

Many stability and performance improvements.

New libraries of predefined shapes including: Brainstorming shapes; Business process shapes; Electrical symbol shapes; Files and folders shapes; Flags shapes; Network shapes; Traffic signs shapes; Floor plan shapes; Weather shapes; Symbol shapes and Food shapes. MS Visio like Smart Shapes.

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