New Emoji Emoticons And Stickers Keyboard | Best Apps and Games 19 February,2018

New Emoji Emoticons And Stickers Keyboard

Impress and excite all your friends — whatever smartphones and computers they have — with funny messages filled with Emoji smilies, Internet memes and other funny emoticons!

Use the handy keyboard with 1000+ emoticons to make cool stickers for texting and posting with:

MMS and iMessage
— WhatsApp


— Facebook
— Twitter
— Instagram
— Tumblr
— Sina Weibo
— AirDrop (new in iOS 7!)
— Save a picture as photo on your device
— Assign a picture to a contact
— Open pic with any app supporting image files

ºº To add new message, touch Plus sign on a toolbar

iOS 9

ºº To change background of a message, swipe message box down and select one of colorful pattern placed under the keyboard


ºº To switch between messages, swipe message box left and right
ºº To delete a message currently viewed at message box, touch Trash icon on the toolbar
ºº To share the message, touch Action icon on the toolbar

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