Newmoji | Best Apps and Games 8 December,2018


Everything you've asked for is now here! Welcome to Newmoji! Newmoji enables you to send animated emoticons similar to emojis through text messages, emails, notes, and so much more! With Newmoji, we took suggestions and ideas from a collective group and created animated emoticons based on those requested.
With Newmoji, you are able to express your creativity and thoughts through a variety of animated emoticons.

iPhone 7 Plus


Newmojis vary from basic moods to a fierce animated middle finger emoticon.

mark hughes

You can message with some basic moods, or you can go exquisite and send an animated twerking emoticon.

iPhone 6s Plus

The possibilities and potential granted with Newmoji will be sure to catch the attention of any bystander! Newmoji has been integrated to work and function as a keyboard with iOS 8.
Simply set up Newmoji with our quick tutorial and start using them within just a few minutes! Features: – iOS 8 compatible – Compatible on every Apple device – Stunning design and quality – Tons of unique options – We've included some of the most requested emoticons What are you waiting for? Make a statement with Newmoji! Wow that girl, surprise your g-ma, totally blow your friends' mind, or just make yourself look even cooler with Newmoji! Disclaimer: All assets in Newmoji are the sole property of Jeffrey Peters.
Any type of reproduction of contents in Newmoji is strongly prohibited and will lead to legal conflicts.
Newmoji does not store any type of privacy invasive material.
The only information Newmoji harvests is material needed in order to acquire additional packages or assets inside the application.

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