Nick Casey – No Excuse | Best Apps and Games 19 January,2020

Nick Casey – No Excuse

Nick Casey, a hit man for hire… He might be anything but definitely not a hero. After an experiment takes away his survival instinct, he becomes nothing but a killing machine. And now he works for anyone who pays the most. He is definitely not the guy you want to cross paths.

A lab doing terrible experiments. Nick Casey has to do something about it. After what they did to him, he can not allow this to happen to anyone else. One night he secretly enters this lab. Determined to tear it down, leaving nothing behind.




Mountain Lion

But after he starts the self-destruct sequence, things go wrong. He accidentally activates the security system. All doors get locked and various dangers await him. Will he get to safety? Will he see the sun one more time?

Stability and performance improvements.

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