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Nifty Drifty

If you enjoy drifting on the edge of control, then this game is for you! It takes niftiness and practice to avoid the obstacles and get through the checkpoints before the time runs out, it’s challenging, but it’s fun!

Slow down or speed up as you drift through obstacles, spin around, take tight turns and leave tire marks on the road to victory. Improve your driving skills to the max and get your drift on!


– Intuitive one-touch controls!
– Unique drifting experience: the car will try to follow your finger but beware, it has a temper!
– Three different worlds to choose from: learn to drift in the country, get better in the city, find perfection in the desert!
– Four wacky cars with realistic car physics, learn how to handle them and choose the right one for each challenge
– Race against your own ghost
– Beat your own records, gather stars and unlock new stuff – new levels and new cars!
– Custom soundtracks specially composed for each location
– Realistic engine sounds


– You must learn how to drive before you can handle a faster car
– Quickly change direction to start drifting
– Chicken lay eggs. Try not to hit them or you’ll get a time penalty
– Hitting the road cones gets you a time penalty

kamala harris



– Keep your finger further from the car for more speed
– Try not to lift your finger during the challenge


– Driving on grass makes you lose speed
– Avoid oil spills
– Use the right car for the right job
– Use the right car for the right terrain

– > We have adjusted the time limits for particular laps
– > Now with helpful animation as tutorial

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