Ninja Hayate | Best Apps and Games 21 April,2019

Ninja Hayate

This game is developed by KA Company.
This is a Ninja world. In this world, you can recruit any ninja you like, and make them fight for you. If you are a fan of ninja, you can find a lot of familiar faces here.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

The stages in this game are made from the storyline of ninja history. You can experience and review the story in the battle against other players. Besides, you can also constantly upgrade and strengthen your character and make them as strong as possible.

Content and Characteristics
1. The authentic storyline

iPhone 6 Plus

2. 500 different Ninjas

trail blazers vs thunder

3. Multiplayer battle form
4. Unique cultivation system


5. The extraordinary stages and instances which are different from traditional game

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