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Make database apps in minutes. Fast, flexible and easy to use. With iPhone, iPad and Mac iCloud synchronization everything is available wherever you are.

"I love this app. It’s perfect for what I need. It is very flexible and you can customize it in almost every different way."
by cft22276 – Dec 15, 2015

Improve your daily workflow and productivity.

● Keep track of your contacts
● Write and print invoices
● Manage your orders and inventory
● Overview your projects and toDo lists
● Plan your staff and personal, keep track of working hours
● Organize your recipes, films or music collections
● Use it for real estate management and administration
● Make membership lists, plan events and meetings
● Collect data for research

Everything is done with drag-and-drop functionality, building calculations is actually fun. Easy table relations, grouping and multiple filters provide a tool set to make sophisticated relational databases for your needs. Make your database more effective.

Some highlights:
● Fully customizable tables
● Rich field types
● Formulas and calculations
● Forms and charts
● Search, filter, group tables
● Save your favorite filter configuration as custom views
● Create charts with a single tap

alexandra ivkovic

● Create relations between tables to …
● Create sophisticated formulas by drag and drop
● Include table relations into your formulas to aggregate data
● Browse your time-related data and appointments in weekly and monthly * calendar views
● Fast full text search
● Print with AirPrint
● Export data to Numbers and other apps
● Unlimited records
● Data export and import


● Contacts import
● Dropbox integration
● iCloud Sync

Ninox offers rich field types
● Single-line and big text fields with formatting
● Number fields for currencies, percentages and many more
● Date, time and appointment fields


● Yes / No fields
● Choice fields
● URLs
● eMail
● Phone
● Images and file attachments
● Location
● Icons and colors

To use iCloud sync Feature purchase Ninox for iPhone, iPad and Mac separately.

Fixed some minor issues.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

New in 1.6.0
● We rebuilt charts from the ground up to give you 7 different chart types with nice colors.
● It’s now possible to import selected tables incl. forms, relations, views, layout, data and attachments from other Ninox databases.
● Enhanced language features enable even more advanced use cases.
● We put a lot of effort in polishing the user interface.
● Form width is now adjustable.

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