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Notable Pro


Notable word processor provides an amazing EDITING environment for your Rich Text needs on your iPhone&iPad, and have your documents editable on all your iPhone&iPad, Mac, PC and other devices that supports RTF (Rich Text Format) editing.

►Smart editing environment

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Notable enables you to import and EDIT RTF (Rich Text Format) documents – with a rich library of text fonts, a graceful palette, size and alignment inspectors to make vehement paragraphs.

►Cross-platform compatibility

iOS 8.1

With Notable you can save documents compatible with popular RTF editors(Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, OpenOffice, Mac native TextEditor, Windows native RTF Editor, etc.) across most laptop and mobile platforms.

►Easy import

iPad Air 4

You can import your RTF documents into Notable from other apps (Dropbox, Skydrive etc.). or from your PC or Mac by email.

►Email sharing, App sharing and PDF exporter
Getting you documents to your mac or PC, or export RTF/PDF version to other app on your iphone&iPad, or sharing your notable ideas to your friends is as easy as one click on the sharing button, Notable exports your RTF to PDF (or just the original RTF document for further editing) and do the rest.

►Passcode protection
We are concerned with the safety of your documents. You can setup a passcode lock to protect your documents with various options.

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