Note-IFY (formerly FNotes): colorful notes with Reminders, TextExpander and Dropbox synchronization | Best Apps and Games 19 January,2019

Note-IFY (formerly FNotes): colorful notes with Reminders, TextExpander and Dropbox synchronization

***FREE ONLY 3 DAYS*** – Note-Ify – simple, beautiful and usable notes with reminders. 
APPADVICE: «This productivity app provides you with an elegant and easy way to save your thoughts»

AppPipe: "Simple, efficient and beautiful, FNotes might just be the best iOS notes app you’ve never heard of"

APPLEMAGAZINE: «…The app as it stands is definitely an easy way to take notes and would make a great addition to your productivity apps»

APPLE NEWS: «FNotes – a new look at minimalist notes that fit perfectly into the new design of the Apple»

AppSad: «FNotes – minimalistic exchange to standard notes»

APPPICKER.COM: «FNotes: new style notes with its minimalistic design and Dropbox integration features a very basic interface, and I actually prefer Productivity apps of this kind which keep things nice and simple. I definitely think the streamlined layout is a huge benefit for busy bodies like you and I!»

APPPICKER.COM: «I’ve used a fair few apps that are similar to FNotes: new style notes with its minimalistic design and Dropbox integration, in that they attempt to keep things simple and streamlined.Some developers manage to pull it off, while others fail miserably, and I would say that FNotes definitely falls into the former category, with a fantastic minimalist interface and some of the smoothest overall 
functions you’ll ever see»

APPLEINSIDER: "A good alternative to the standard notes. "It is known that not all owners of iOS-devices like the standard applications. FNotes is a great way to forget about one of them. They are simple, beautiful and usable. And most importantly – their can be personalized. Additionally, you can set passwords to specific notes, create folders, synchronize content with Dropbox, and more."
APPLEDIGGER: "FNotes – this is the best alternative to standard notes" 
YABLOCHNO.COM: "FNotes – a new look at the familiar notes … FNotes application is qualitative and useful. Having the ability to set a password on a note, synchronization and customization of appearance make it a good alternative to the standard notes"

Notes are customizable, so you can change fonts, themes, color of notes. Also you can set a password lock to protect your data, quickly send a note to the favorite address, share tweets and send it to another device via AirDrop or SMS. 

iPad Air 4

– Colored notes 
– Lined paper 
– More than 50 themes 
– A variety of fonts, colors and font sizes 
– Select important notes by using the "Favorite Notes" or by setting a color to them. 
GTD methodology 
– Inbox
– Reminder 
– Favorite notes 
– Color selection 
– 3 options of sorting the list of notes 


– Folders to organize your notes 
– Protect your notes with password 


– Automatic backup 
– Synchronization of your devices via Dropbox 

– Universal app: Pay once – use everywhere 
– Quick sending to the favorite email 
– Share your notes via AirDrop, SMS 

iOS 9

– Publish a note to Facebook, Twitter 
– Quick typing by using TextExpander 
– Nice and simple interface 
– Support: you will never be left with the problem


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* Sync via DROPBOX: it means, then that data is synchronized via a special database (Dropbox Datastore), it does not sync files, this is a synchronization of the records in the database notes.

– Fixed minor bugs
– Fixed address for e-mail support

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