Notes for Pebble | Best Apps and Games 15 November,2019

Notes for Pebble

Save travel info, shopping list and everything you want on your Pebble!

iPhone 6s Plus

Write notes on your iPhone and send them to your Pebble. This happens in real time without the need of an internet connection. Once downloaded the iOS app, you will install the watch app on your watch and you’ll be ready to go.
Notes will be saved on the watch too so you won’t have to keep your phone near your to read them.
Choose your preferred font size and give your note a title, it’s super easy!

colin miller


You can send notes which are up to 500 characters long.

Having a problem? Don’t hesitate to tweet to @PebbleNotes or send an email to [email protected]!

Leave a review on the App Store if you like the app, it really helps!

– Fixes an issue with some users who were unable to dismiss the Welcome screen

iOS 8

– Fixes a UI issue on the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus

Thanks for using Notes for Pebble! Please consider leaving a review in the App Store 🙂

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