Notes for Watch | Best Apps and Games 13 June,2019

Notes for Watch

Notes for Watch makes full use of your Apple Watch.

How many times did you need to take out your iPhone from your pocket only to check a simple note? This will never be a problem again with Notes for Watch.

Simply write your notes in the app or paste them from your pasteboard. You can even use a share extension to import a note form another app.


iPhone 6s Plus

Choose an appropriate font size or use the default one right away and now you have all your notes on your wrist. It’s simple as that. You can even increase or decrease the font size and delete a note from your Watch. Add a new note on your way by dictating it to the Apple Watch.

– Improvements for the action extension while importing notes from the built-in Notes app.

iPad Pro

– Improved the Apple Watch action menu to avoid confusion

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