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Notes Plus

*** On sale 50% OFF for limited time *** – Selected as Top 100 World's Greatest Apps 2014 – Business Insider's App 100 ( – Notes Plus is a terrific note taker for iPad – TUAW, 10/2014 ( *** IMPORTANT: Please hold off buying our handwriting recognition feature.
It's going to be FREE starting February 2015.
*** After more than 4 years of continuous development, 30 version upgrades, 3 complete overhauls, and more than 8 million downloads, we pride ourselves on being one of the most feature-rich and best quality note-taking apps on the App Store.
The best thing about Notes Plus is not just its current quality and features but the future improvements being planned ahead.
Notes Plus is a powerful note-taking tool that supports handwriting, typing, audio recording and document annotation, among other things.
Special features include close-up writing mode, beautiful ink effects, shape detection, a complete folder structure, a variety of export options, automatic backup to Dropbox and so forth.
BEST HANDWRITING EXPERIENCE Beautiful vector-graphic ink effect turns your handwriting into a work of art, razor-sharp at any resolution.
Close-up writing mode lets you write comfortably with your big finger or stylus just like pen on paper.
Rest your palm and wrist on the Palm Pad or just below the close-up view.
For a taste of the handwriting experience, get our FREE app: INKredible.
TYPED TEXT Mix typing with handwriting by inserting customizable textboxes or full-page text in any font the iPad supports.
RECORDING Record audio easily while taking notes.
A recording session can span many pages and you can hear only what was recorded on one of those pages.
When you switch to another app, recording continues in the background.
ANNOTATION Import a PDF or Microsoft Word document to Notes Plus library for annotating.


You can also insert blank pages for extra notes! 5.
IMAGES and SHAPES Enrich your notes with images from Photos, Camera Rolls, or the web.
You can then rotate and resize them as you see fit.

Steve Jobs

Add shapes (lines, ellipses, polygons) by an intelligent shape detection or from a library of pre-defined shapes.
AUTOMATIC BACKUP WITH DROPBOX Take notes without worrying about backing up all your important data.
Just turn on the functionality and let Notes Plus do the rest.
Have a piece of mind to retain your notes even if you lost your iPad.
You can even take notes on more than one iPad and have your notes synced automatically.

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BUILT-IN WEB BROWSER Enjoy an innovative dual screen interface and slide in a built-in web browser with a quick gesture.
You can then conveniently send web images or screen captures to your notes.
You can lock access to the web if needed.


COMPLETE FOLDER STRUCTURE A notebook can have as many pages as you want and can be stored in folders or subfolders like in a Mac or PC file system.
Password protection of your notebooks/folders is also possible.
You can also search for notebook titles and content.
HANDWRITING RECOGNITION (in-app purchase) Conveniently convert your handwriting (in one of the many supported languages) to searchable text with MyScript™ handwriting recognition module.
CLEAN & NATURAL USER INTERFACE As you can see from the screenshots, Notes Plus stands out for its clean interface.
A great effort has been put in to hide controls to minimize clutter.
You should be able to start without a tutorial, but in case you need one, there's the included Quick Start Guide.
Check it out now at: 10+.
And a lot more…
VGA-Out support, Notes Plus Clipboard, Left-handed Mode, Right-to-left Handwriting, etc.
Our support has been unmatched with personal responses within 24 hours (most within 4 hours).
Please email us at [email protected] or visit our support site:

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