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*** Attention: offline Chat requires at least one more person with offline Chat to work properly ***

Offline Chat allows you to establish a local chat session with your peers within your perimeter without the need to have an active internet connection or mobile internet.

The app is using only the Bluetooth or Wifi of your device. No Wifi router required!

Offline Chat supports multiple users connected at the same time.

Situations where offline Chat can help:
– Chat with your friends when no internet connection is available.

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– Chat with your friends when the mobile network is overloaded (happens often at events or concerts)

No configuration required, just start offline Chat on two devices (turn on Bluetooth or Wifi before!) and enjoy. The username in chat is the name of your device.

Please be aware that the distance for getting connected is limited by bluetooth and Wifi. The maximum distance should be around 50 meters only!

Feedback is very welcome, please rate the App if you like it or not.

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iOS 8.1