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Oil & Gas Calculations

Simplified Handy application for Oil & Gas Correlations & Calculations. Must-have tool for all Oil & Gas Professionals and Engineers. Feedback/Support : [email protected] Features : Annular Volume, Pipe Volume, Hyrdostatic Pressure, ECD, Volume Conversion, Pipe Design, Cementing, Drilling Mudding, Drill Pipe, Mud Pumps, Reservoir Engineering, Rock and Fluid Properties, Mechanical Design, Formation Evaluation, Well Logging, Oil and Gas units, Oil Field units, Unit Convertor. Formulas : Casing, Tubing Design, Reservoir Fluid Properties, API Connections, API Correlations, Primary Cementing, Drilling Mud Hydraulics, Drill String, Mud Pumps, Volumetric Analysis, Material Balance, Basic Core Analysis, Well Logging, Skeltal properties, Dynamic Properties, Reservoir Oil properties, Reservoir Gas properties, Formation Evaluation, Mechanical Design, Threads and Threading, Fasteners, Pressure Vessels, Springs, General Relations, Units Conversion, Technical Data and many more.

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