for Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn | Best Apps and Games 19 June,2018 for Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn is the best way to be social. Connect to all your friends and followers from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at one place.

The smarter, faster, easier way to integrate and manage all your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and your favorite news dailies. All you need is to manage your feeds, sharing, bookmarks, birthdays, etc., is build with loads of features bundled into one.

* Never miss an Update –


Choose the way you wish to view your feeds. View all your feeds at the same time or filter them by accounts or groups or view feeds only with pictures, videos & li

* Latest News on the move –
Choose your favorite News daily, read articles of interest & share them with all your friends and family at the same time.

* Post Tweet or update at the same time –
Now you can post a Tweet or status update across multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook and LinkedIn at the same time. Also don’t worry about 140 character tweet, we manage long tweets by sending the entire text as an image on the fly.

* Bookmark any feed –


Don’t have time or wish to read an article at leisure. Bookmark any feed and read later. You can also read the content in offline mode.

* Share a feed across all your accounts –

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Reading an interesting feed, wish to share with all your friends and family in other accounts, don’t worry just click sharing icon below the feed, choose the network or better still, choose all your network and share. Its that simple.

* Send Birthday cards and messages –

iOS 9

Wish your Facebook friends and family with Cards and Birthday messages.

* Create your own group across accounts –
Want to track only a small group of friends across networks, just add them to the group & what’s more, you could even make the group feed page as your home page.

* Mute spammers –
Getting spammed by someone, wish to block the user but you don’t wish to show them the mute status. In just one click mute a user and instantly remove all their feeds from your page. You could also easy unmute them as well.

The feature list goes on…

Download now to connect to your own social world…

* Some cosmetic changes to enhance user experience
* Fixes for sharing a post
* Feedback is always welcome. Please contact [email protected] with any issues or suggestions.

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