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oOlala – The Instant Hangout App

What is oOlala?

oOlala is the first social media that’s actually like real life. It’s an open-use meeting place for making friends, knowing your neighbor… and why not even finding a date?

oOlala is a local hangout app. Think of oOlala as a virtual coffee shop, a multi-use space for connecting with the people around you – for whatever you’re looking to do.

What else sets oOlala apart from other social media?

– The Galaxy: Our revolutionary “roll” functionality lets you search a three-dimensional Galaxy of nearby profiles to help you find the people you like quicker than ever before

– Be Yourself, or Be Incognito: No phone number necessary to sign up. Login with Facebook or if you prefer, go 100 percent anonymous

– Intuitive Refresh: The Galaxy places the most recently active people nearest you to help you make fresh connections

– Smart Follow: The Smart Follow and un-Smart Follow functions allow you to easily find who you want to socialize with and find nearby people to hang out with

– Fast Messaging: Easily text or video chat with the people around you

– Reply-Only Function: Our unique “reply-only” messaging means if you don’t answer, they can’t keep talking to you

– Customize Your Updates: Post photos, video messages, or five-second videos to show who you are, what you’re looking to do, or just to say “bonjour” to the world

– Control Who You See: Sort with Facebook to show friends, friends-of-friends, friend-of-friend-of-friends, or everyone

– Tailor Your Galaxy: Filter by proximity, gender, and age to more efficiently find what you’re looking for

– Feedback: Give feedback on users and keep tabs on who you like

– Don’t Worry About Status: Make connections without worrying about likes, favorites or other ego-boosters

– We Keep Everything Private: Feel good knowing oOlala never records your posts or chats to sell them to advertisers. We keep your info so private that after 24 hours, we delete everything

oOlala is a very, very new app. If you can’t find your friends on it yet don’t complain, just invite them to join!
Stop wasting time swiping through people one-by-one, and explore the whole Galaxy in oOlala!

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What’s New!

We work hard to continually improve oOlala and give you the crème de la crème. Here are our upgrades from our previous version:

– Smart Follow Search: We added a search tool in the Smart Follow view. Now you can find Jennifer Aniston much more easily!
– Smart Follow from Profile: You can now Smart Follow someone (say, Jennifer Aniston) directly from the profile view
– Picture Gallery: Profiles now have the option to include multiple pictures. Get ready to be handsome four times instead of just once

tommy fleetwood


– Mini-Galaxy: Added the ability to have a super-uber-tiny-cute Galaxy
– View Improvements: The View setting is now simpler to use

iPad Air 3

– Readability Improvements: The size of the text is now bigger and easier to read

iPad Air 4

– Bug Smash: Fixed some bugs…. tracking and killing bugs is still one of our favorite games!

Have an oOlala Day 🙂

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