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oPass Personal

oPass Personal keeps track of your passwords and accounts, storing the information on your phone using the iPhone’s advanced security features. The app is designed to provide a maximum level of protection for your passwords and ensure your passwords stay on your phone.

– Easy to use
– Fast password lookups
– Stores passwords on your phone, never in a web site or someone’s cloud
– Uses the iPhone’s advanced security features, designed to stop the most sophisticated attackers
– Protects your passwords if your phone is lost or stolen
– Protects your passwords in backups, so backups can’t be used to steal your passwords
– Protects your passwords if a friend is using your phone

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– Never sends your passwords anywhere
– Never changes your passwords
– Never communicates with any other computers, Internet web sites, or clouds
– Never scans your phone
– Never collects data from your phone
– No setup: the app can be used immediately, you don’t need to register or provide an email address
– No additional purchases: the app does not require additional purchases or offer additional purchases

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– No ads: The app does not display ads

Technical Details

– Built 100% on Apple iOS APIs, using no open source or third party software libraries which could be used to steal your passwords or collect information about you.
– Account data and passwords are stored on your phone using iPhone Data Protection.
– Account data is stored using NsFileProtectionComplete, so the iPhone’s hardware ensures your account data can be accessed only when your phone is unlocked.
– Passwords are stored in the keychain with
kSecAttAccessibleWhenUnlockedThisDeviceOnly, so the iPhone’s hardware ensures your passwords can be accessed only when your phone is unlocked.
– Uses ThisDeviceOnly for keychain items, so backups can’t be used to steal your passwords. In Apple terms, this setting makes your passwords “non-migratory”, meaning your passwords are available only through your iPhone’s built-in security hardware.
– Prevents disclosure of passwords in screenshots taken automatically by iPhones when an app goes into the background. Your iPhone uses these screenshots when you double-click the phone’s Home button. The oPass Personal screenshot will be a white screen.
– Protects against brute-force (guessing) attacks on oPass Personal PINs, by locking the app for 24 hours after 10 consecutive incorrect PINs. By locking the app for 24 hours, the app protects your data by not wiping it. With a 4-digit PIN, up to 1000 days would be required to guess all PINs and unlock the app.
– Disables autocorrect, so account data and passwords are kept out of your phone’s word dictionary.
– Does not use custom keyboards or keyboard extensions, which could be used to steal your passwords.

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– Does not use the Advertising Identifier (IDFA).

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– Written in the Swift programming language, which is Apple’s new and most secure software language for iPhone applications.
– Uses Swift String and Character objects for account data and passwords, so the app is Unicode-compliant and you can use a wide range of characters and languages for your account data and passwords.

Things You Can Do To Protect Your Passwords

– Set a passcode for your phone (using the iPhone’s Settings app). This is necessary to make the security features used by oPass Personal work on your iPhone.
– Keep your phone locked when you are not using it. You can press the phone’s "Wake/Sleep" button to do this.
– Set the phone to Autolock (Settings > General).
– For those times when you might let a friend use your phone, set a PIN for the app (using oPass Personal’s PIN option).
– Use at least four digits for your oPass Personal PIN.
– Use a PIN that is different than your phone’s passcode.

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