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OpenAPRS xL Edition brings the world of APRS right to your iPad. Paired with iPad’s built in map engine, Internet connection and GPS, OpenAPRS gives you access to check your APRS messages, beacon your position and view other Amateur Radio operators anywhere in the world.

Send your position with any model iPad by assisted GPS, cell phone triangulation or manual coordinate entry. Share your trip with your friends as they view you on their iPhone/iPads, APRS software connected to APRS-IS or on the OpenAPRS website:

Posted positions can also be viewed at other APRS websites such as, and APRSWorld.

Check your APRS messages or send a message to a friend right from OpenAPRS iPad Edition. Our servers are always on to receive and store your messages so you don’t have to keep a station running 24/7. Never miss a message again!

Non or aspiring Amateur Radio operators can also view APRS activity near them on OpenAPRS iPad Edition but will not be able to send their position or messages. Not yet a HAM operator? There is still time, check out for information on how to study and where to take your Technician class exam today; no morse code required!

A free account with OpenAPRS is required to send your position or send and receive messages. Signing up is easy, simply open up OpenAPRS iPad Edition, click the signup tab, fill out the form and click Signup! The app will automatically contact our servers and set up your account. You will need to have a valid email account to receive our activation message to activate your account. The activation email should be received within about 15 minutes, click the activation link, start up OpenAPRS iPad Edition and you’re all set.


– Callsign SSID support.
– Ability to change your APRS Icon.
– Auto beaconing on a user settable interval.

iPhone 7

– Custom position comment.
– Breadcrumb creation to show your beaconed positions throughout your trip.
– Auto centering map on movement.
– Ability to disable the iPad screen saver to use as a map during your travels
– Manual coordinate entry if desired for beacons instead of using automatic GPS coordinates.


– Supports sending and receiving APRS messages to your callsign + SSID. You don’t have to be online when a message is sent to you, our servers will store messages until you check them.
– Distance traveled indicator.
– Estimated speed based on time and position change between updates (not to be used as an actual speedometer).

– Change default Google map type from settings (street, satellite hybrid).
– Ability to change Google map type from map console.
– Increased console icon size.


– Detailed information for stations on map.
– Tracking mode will show previous stations breadcrums.
– WX Stations show weather conditions in station detail view.
– Object creation and deletion.


– Added support for landscape mode.

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