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Opus Domini

Personal Planner & Time Management. Daily Tasks, No Date Tasks, Daily Notes, Weekly Milestones (Compass) and Goals all in one app.

Syncs with Opus Domini Mobile Pro (iPad & iPhone versions, running iOS 8) and with Opus Domini for Mac if your Mac runs Yosemite. If you’re using Mavericks please look for the previous release and BACKUP the data file to your Desktop before updating your OS so it would be easily restored.

Opus Domini’s features include:

√ Daily Tasks

Snow Leopard

√ Master Tasks

MacBook Air

√ Weekly Milestones (Compass)
√ Goals
√ Mission & Vision
√ Multiple Planner Views
√ Event / Meeting Planner
√ Repeating Tasks with all repeatings showing
√ Event synchronization with iCal (only events not Reminders)

champions league

√ Search function
√ Password protection and more.

Master Task Planner bug fix.

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Mac Pro