Ovii Chat – Real Time Communiction | Best Apps and Games 16 July,2018

Ovii Chat – Real Time Communiction

Ovii Chat is a simple to use, REAL TIME communicator for those who are deaf, hard of hearing or have any other communication barrier, or even those who want to communicate silently across a room. Ovii Chat has unlimited uses.


Ovii Chat automatically connects to other nearby devices using Ovii Chat within seconds, allowing for immediate, real time, letter by letter communication. Connects with up to 8 devices!

You can use Ovii Chat in many ways where you previously may have passed paper notes back and forth, used an interpreter or read lips to interact with friends, work colleagues or shop staff.

Not only that but because Ovii Chat is an iOS based App it can use all of the amazing features that Apple have provided including customizable keyboards, handwriting and voice recognition!

Overall Features:
– Real-time, letter by letter communication
– Send Images
– Connects automatically within seconds
– No internet connection required!
– Customisable fonts & sizes

iPad Air 3

– Save/Send your conversation via E-Mail




– Use the keyboards voice dictation to dictate speech to real-time text *

*Internet access is required for voice dictation

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