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Pacemaker – Your personal mix. Instantly!

Create your mix in a heartbeat with Pacemaker for Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad. Just pick your tracks or playlist and…Boom! Your mix is done!
**Selected as one of the first music apps for Apple Watch by Apple**
**App Store Best of 2014**

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**App Store Editor’s Choice for iPad.**

“It’s not just a DJing app – it’s DJing reinvented for the touchscreen” – Wired
“An excellent balance between simplicity and feature bloat” – The Verge
“You’re likely to see Pacemaker at a house party near you” – DJ TechTools

Pacemaker takes the effort out of mixing by adding the magic. Just pick your music from iTunes or Spotify, hit play and get into the groove! It’s like having your own personal DJ on your wrist, back pocket or lap.

Pacemaker for Apple Watch – One-touch-mixing magic!
Pacemaker for Apple Watch lets you add live effects, mix in new tracks and see notifications about your mix directly from your wrist.

Want to quickly get the next track into the mix? Done! Just tap it and a unique blend is born.

The music never stops! Pacemaker for Apple Watch notifies you when the current playlist is about to end. You can either pick a new playlist, or let Pacemaker choose and play tracks for you.

Rule the party from your wrist! Pacemaker for Apple Watch comes with Pacemaker’s most popular effects, ChopChop, Whitenoise, 8-Bit and Hi-Lo! – for free!!

Pacemaker for iPhone – Create your personal mix in a flash!


Just pick your favorite tracks or playlists from iTunes or Spotify and snap, your mix is created! Pacemaker for iPhone creates a unique mix by having Match Machine™ reshuffle your tracks for an optimal listening experience. While Pacemaker’s Autopilot™ (patent pending) technology does the mixing for you.

Not sure which tracks to mix? Let Pacemaker’s Match Machine™ find and suggest tracks for you.

Want to add your personal touch? A full range of colorful live effects awaits to blast your mix to the next level.

Pacemaker for iPad – The complete live DJ tool with the epic Autopilot™ feature.
With its carefully crafted design, Pacemaker for iPad makes DJing easy, beautiful and fun. Sync with the tap of a button and with a full set of colorful effects and a crossfader, you have unlimited creative influence over the music you love!

Not sure what to play next? Match Machine™ finds tracks that match perfectly with the one currently playing on the opposite deck.

Need to take a break? Activate Autopilot™ (patent pending) – your personal DJ that automagically mixes music for you.

Pacemaker for iPad offers loads more functionality:
Split the output – and preview a track with the headphones crossfader.
Scratch – Put the needle to the groove and scratch like the grandmaster.
Adjust the Bass, Middle and Treble of your tracks and glue them together.
Record a mix on the fly. Play it, cue it and rewind it (only with music from iTunes).
Loop – With a tap you can loop it, extend it, halve it and re-loop it.
Beat Skip – Hop back and forth between the beats in a track to create your live remix.


In-App purchases for iPhone and iPad:
Whitenoise – SwooooOOOSH! The powerful build up effect that gives you a dramatic and perfectly timed drop, every time.
8-Bit – The bit crusher that makes your track sound like a retro video game.


ChopChop – Slice up a track for a stuttering effect and build up tension before the big drop.
Hi-Lo – Remove the high or low frequencies from your tracks to create a swooping sound effect.

iPhone 6s

Reverb – Make the track sound as if it’s being played in a small hut or the largest of cathedrals.
(iPad only) Echo – Echo echo… Is there anybody out there?
(iPad only) Roll – Create a loop that spins on top of a track.
(iPad only) Loop – Create synchronised loops on the fly; split or double, exit and re-loop. Also included is the exclusive Pacemaker Loop Travel.
(iPad only) Beatskip – Skip a pre-determined number of beats forwards or backwards to create stutter and jumps in the playback.

– Minor bug fixes!

MASSIVE news! Introducing Pacemaker for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Pacemaker for Apple Watch – One-touch-mixing magic!
Add live effects, choose when to mix in upcoming tracks and get notifications about your mix directly from your wrist. Just pick a playlist and you’re set. One tap is all it takes to create a unique mix. Comes with Pacemaker’s most popular effects, ChopChop, Whitenoise, 8-bit and Hi-Lo – for free (limited time offer)!

Pacemaker for iPhone – Your personal mix in a flash!
Just pick your favourite playlist or select a bunch of tracks, and your personalised mix is done! Pacemaker’s Match Machine™ will intelligently reorder your tracks for an optimal mix and listening experience. While Pacemaker’s Autopilot™ (patent pending) technology does the mixing for you! You can add and arrange tracks as you please. And have a range of colorful effects at your fingertips to blast your mixes to the next level!

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