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PaintCode 2

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Save a tremendous amount of time with PaintCode 2.

The missing bridge between developers and graphic designers, PaintCode is a vector drawing app that instantly generates Objective-C, Swift or C# drawing code.

With PaintCode you can create an app that is truly resolution-independent, using code (instead of large number of image assets) to draw a user interface.



Change the design of your app in seconds. With StyleKits, integration of the generated code into your app is extremely easy. StyleKit is a special Objective-C, Swift or C# class that contains all your drawings, colors, gradients, shadows and other assets. StyleKit can be exported from PaintCode with just a single click, making the design-tweaking process crazy fast.

Want to draw a button with multiple states? Circular progress bar? Animated robotic arm? Never-before-seen user interface control? Creating these complex dynamic drawings is usually extremely time-consuming. Not now. PaintCode’s Variables & Expressions let you create dynamic, parametric drawings with immediate visual feedback.

Draw something on one canvas, then reuse it on other canvases as a Symbol. When you adjust the original canvas, the changes are automatically propagated to all Symbols. PaintCode has the best support for Symbols of any app on the Mac. Using Frames, Variables and Expressions, you can make your Symbols resizable and parametric. This is a very powerful feature for UI prototyping.

Reuse the same color multiple times across your document. Derive a new color from an existing color, forming a permanent relationship. Changing the base color will also change all the derived colors. This unique feature means you can base the entire color scheme of your app on a single color, which you can easily readjust when you like.

Define how your complex drawings behave when resized. Draw a resizable button and retrieve drawing code to draw the button to any size.

Import documents from other drawing apps into PaintCode, transforming them into Objective-C, Swift or C# drawing code.


Vector Drawing Tools
– Rounded rectangles, ovals, béziers, polygons, stars and texts
– Boolean operations on béziers
– Switch between 1×, 2×, 3× and Infinite precision display mode
– Rotation and scaling (with custom origin)
– Automatic pixel alignment

Live Code Generation
– Instantly generates Objective-C or Swift code for iOS or OS X
– Generates C# Xamarin.iOS code for iOS
– Generates SVG
– Simple, readable and straightforward code
– Uses Quartz and Core Graphics APIs

– All your drawings, colors, gradients, shadows and other assets in a single class
– Each canvas generates a drawing method or method that returns UIImage
– Super easy integration of the generated code into your Xcode projects

Variables & Expressions
– Define variables
– Connect variables with position, rotation, visibility and other shape attributes
– Use mathematical expressions to define relationships between variables
– Export your drawings as parametric Objective-C, Swift or C# methods

– Reuse drawing from one canvas on other canvases as a Symbol
– Create resizable, parametric symbols
– Symbols can be nested

Dynamic Shapes
– Define resizing behavior of shapes using Frames and springs & struts
– Separate specification of the resizing behavior of each bézier control point

Dynamic Colors, Gradients and Shadows
– You can reuse colors, shadows and gradients across your document
– Any time adjustment, instant updating of all affected shapes

Import & Export
– SVG, PSD, PDF, AI, EPS import
– Code, SVG, PNG, PDF export
– Animated sequence export (GIF or multiple PNG files)

– Tabs
– Multiple drawing canvases in a single document
– Hierarchical color library
– Layout guides, including iOS icon template

PaintCode 2.3 introduces more than 15 new features – this is our biggest update yet!

SVG code generation
• PDF, AI and EPS import

iMac '24

• Completely rebuilt image export
• Animated sequence export (as GIF or multiple PNG files)

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• Copy & paste support from Sketch, Illustrator, Pages and other popular drawing apps
• New multithreaded renderer
• Live shape thumbnails in the shapes & groups browser
• Cut, copy & paste of entire canvases

Mountain Lion

• Canvas multi-selection
• New way to find out where your library items are used
• New, easy way to replace one library item with another
• Ability to replace symbol with its content
• Improved PSD and SVG import
• Canvas arrangement tools
• Built-in feedback form
• Performance improvements

New in 2.3.2:
• Bug fixes

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