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Palaver – IRC Client

Palaver is an advanced IRC client for iPhone and iPad featuring a unique user interface which makes using IRC a pleasure. It fits you and your mobile devices perfectly. You can use Palaver on the large screen of the iPad or on the road with your iPhone. Palaver was made with the modern IRC user in mind and features iCloud support, ZNC integration with push notifications, and much more.

• Quick and intuitive interface.
• Auto-completion for nicknames, channels and commands.
• Customizable highlight and mention notices with alerts and vibrations.


• Complete SASL support for securely identifying to networks such as Freenode.
• Support for TLS/SSL.



• Wide range of themes and styles to choose from.
ZNC integration, supporting the new server-time specification in ZNC 1.0+.
• Push notifications (with a module for ZNC, see:
• Synchronisation of preferences via iCloud.
• IRCv3 compliant.

We’ve added a brand new dark mode for Palaver. It can detect when the screen brightness is down and automatically switch between light and dark mode. We’ve also added a bunch of other features including the ability to re-order your networks, tap nicknames inside messages to perform actions along with fixing dozens of minor issues.

We don’t feel comfortable interrupting your precious IRC experience to ask for reviews, but if you are feeling generous, please take a moment and let us know what you think.

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