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Pantheon Warfare: The Chaos of Knights

Experience an action-packed journey in mythological world of ancient Greece. Be a real knight of Greece means “Hippeus”: a prestigious Royal Guard of Honor, as you defeat mystical creatures and help Hercules to save ancient Greece!


Raging with anger and jealousy, Hera cursed Hercules. Hera is desperate for a promising warrior to get him out of deep water. YOU, a real knight, are appointed by the Goddess of wisdom, Athena to save Hercules. The very fate of Hercules counts on you. Monster Boars, Stone Giants, Greek Phalanx and hundreds of villains secretly supported by Hera are waiting to undermine you. Will you successfully break the curse, destroy all of evils, and rescue Hercules back to Mount Olympus?


• Rouse Your Knights – Train your chief commander and five knights, each with their unique power elements – ice, fire, thunder, lighting and earth.

• Lead the Guilds – Attend guild missions with players worldwide. Defeat enemies with guild members.

• Forge & Fuse – Forge items with the help of the smithing God Hephaestus. Transform them into devastating weapons and unleash brutal damage with Fusion Stones.

• Highly-Polished Graphics – Witness the dazzling display of authentic Ancient Greek Wars – and more!

• Fight with Brains and Brawn – On the alert for the hordes of enemies on your way to help Hercules. Strategically crush enemies with your powerful elemental abilities. Assemble an indestructible team that suits your battle style.

• Conquer Epic Bosses – Fight against brand new, scary Epic Bosses in limited-time quests. The more times you obliterate the enemies, the rarer materials you are rewarded to level up your weapons.

• Dominate the Arena – Fast track your way up to the leaderboards and define yourself with glorious gold & silver medallions.

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