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Pantry Manager: Shopping list and grocery management

Manage all of your household items with Pantry Manager!
Lower food waste with expiration date reminders and a shopping list that matches actual items you own or will buy.

Never again will you wonder if you have that ingredient when you’re at the store.

Open up pantry manager and see if your milk will go bad soon or if you need more AA Batteries.

You can even scan a barcode to quickly add items.*

Create a free Pantry Manager account and sync all of your items to the cloud.

Using one account, everyone in your household can add, modify, and delete objects in your database. Need your spouse to pick up a few things on the way home from work? Add those items to your shopping list and have him or her sync the app when they leave.

With pantry manager you get:

• An easy to use interface with great sorting options

iPhone 7

• Notifications when your food expires
• See which items have coupons
• The ability to email your shopping list or entire pantry to anyone

iPad Pro

• A shopping list that relates to real items you have or will purchase
• Barcode scanning to quickly add items*
• Free Pantry Manager account for cloud syncing
• Locally saved photos of your items
• In-app purchase for syncing photos**
• Icons to quickly see expired and soon to be expired items

valentine's day

• App badges to see how many expired items you have
• iPad and iPhone version for one low price
• Custom categories for your items
• Custom stores so you know where you need to shop
• Custom locations so you know where your items are
• Tags so you can filter your items however you like
• Easy to use editing options to increase productivity

iPhone 6 Plus

• Multi-item editing has support for changing categories, stores and locations and more
• Add a note to any item for complete control
• Export your pantry to CSV format
• Access your exported CSV documents and images through iTunes
• Custom sort allows you to reorder the list any way you like

* UPC scanning requires the use of an auto-focus camera. Some devices will not be able to scan UPCs. The current list of known devices is the iPhone 3Gs and newer and the iPad2 and newer. Not every item will be found but users can help add new items.

** Syncing photos requires an in-app purchase because it requires significantly more bandwidth and server size.

Price subject to change

Thank You!

Fixed a bug that could cause you to lose your photos when you upgrade the app.

Another big update that further enhances your experience!

We added a few new features:
• New "has coupon" option lets you know which items have a coupon.
• Custom sort allow you to rearrange the list any way you like.
• Filter your list to hide items with a quantity of zero.

We’ve also fixed a few issues:
• Moved the sign up button next to the login button.
• Printed list is now sorted alphabetically.
• Other bug fixes.

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