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Paper is the textures & tools you need to
paint your dreams to life on iPad & iPhone.

From quick sketches to note taking to inspiration, Paper is the simplest way to capture ideas and dreams, enhanced with the added dimension and richness of real paper textures.

"…release your creative energy…"

Saves you Money! Paper runs on both iPad & iPhone and there’s never an extra in-app charge for tools, colors, or paper styles like so many similar apps.

Simple and powerful Paint and Drawing tools support your creative energy without ever getting in the way of inspiration. Set your creativity free!

Paper by Version: 1.0 / 1.1.1

– High Quality Paper Textures
– High Res. Retina Painting
– Large Selection of Sketching Tools

iPhone 6 Plus

– Paint Bucket Fill
– Endless Colors / EyeDrop Select

iPhone 6

– Full Device Gallery Support

watford vs southampton

– Universal iDevice Access
– Incredibly Clean User Interface

– No Extra Charges for Tool Access!!!

*** The Story of Paper ***

On March 31st, 2010 we released an app named Litho Shop which began with the phrase, "No need for Paper!" Litho Shop is a mildly complex app with real paper textures and design tools.

By 2012 we began working on a pure, simple, inclusive app to be the polar opposite, we decided to give it the most basic of names, Paper. The poetry was not accidental. Paper would be the opposite of Litho Shop.

We followed Apple’s Rules, that is, we went into our Developer account and created the App "Paper". The name Paper was assigned to us by Apple as NO ONE ELSE was using it. We worked on and submitted the app within Apple’s given timeline and guidelines.

While working over many months, as is the norm, other apps with "Paper" in their name came and went. How? Do to glitches in Apple’s system. A Developer can add extra words to an un-available name, or game the territory settings to give the illusion of apps of the same name, and even change the name of an older app and enjoy what looks like an earlier first use.

Well, there may still be others around, or maybe they’ve moved on with another name, either way, welcome to the 1st, and what should be the only, iOS Paper.

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What can you Draw? Anything you Imagine on Paper!
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New in v 1.1.1:

– More Paper Textures!
– UI enhancements
– Fixed Launch Issue on Some Devices
– Various Minor Bug fixes

v 1.0.0 / 1.1.0:

– Paint Bucket Fill
– More Brush Strokes
– More Paper Textures
– Save to Photo Library
– More paper textures
– Drawing Enhancements
– Minor Bug fixes

Thanks for the amazing response to Paper!

All info & data ©, ™, & ® 2012, miSoft, LLC.

© 2012, miSoft, LLC

iOS 8.1