Parcel Tracking Service | Best Apps and Games 15 July,2018

Parcel Tracking Service

As for "Parcel Tracking Service", the luggage inquiry of the main courier service of Japan can be done.

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iPhone 6

The pursuit result of luggage can be quickly obtained for the key operation of the minimum requirement.

-The bar code and the QR Code reading function were added.

Steve Jobs

-The re-delivery request button was added about Yamato, Sagawa and Japan Post.
-History function.

iPad Pro

The number in which inquiry is done once remains as a history.
So it is possible to inquire only by doing the number of the history as follows in the tap.
The history remains even if the application program is ended of course or it turns off power.
-Memo function.
The memo can be input to the inquiry number that remains in the history.
-Correspondence carrying company
EMS, DHL, OCS, FedEx, UPS, Nittsu Air-Trail

-The company of a menu can set up now beforehand. 
-It corresponded to the URL scheme.
NimotsuTuiseki: it is .
-iCloud suported.

News button added and small bug fixed.

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