Pass Vault – Password Manager | Best Apps and Games 23 February,2019

Pass Vault – Password Manager

Number of websites needs you to create a user id and password. Different credit cards and debit cards have different pins and many more places where you have to create some kind of credential. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to remember all these credentials.

So here is an app to help you out.

This app enables users to store login ids, passwords and other important information for different accounts. The data is stored securely on user’s device using 256-bit AES encryption. Users will be able to upload this data to iCloud if they wish to use iCloud feature in this app.

Main Features

• Store your important credentials securely.

• Upload data to iCloud securely and use it on multiple devices.

• Self-destruct feature will clear all data if someone tries to unlock the app.

• iCloud backup can be used to restore data in case of loss of device or accidental delete of App from device.

• Auto lock feature in app will never leave your data unlocked when you close or minimize app.

• Automatically copy login id or password to use it on websites.

Broken backward compatibility fix and few bug fixes. Now compatible for iOS 5.0 onwards.

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