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Password Chef

Create a recipe. Forget your passwords.

Password Chef helps you design your own password "recipe" which turns site names into strong, easy-to-recall passwords. We’re talking password freedom.


• Use words from a word pool and assemble a step such as “Find the vowels of the site name, and enter them in reverse order.”

• Write a few more steps, using your creativity and the app’s variety of word operations, to build a personalized recipe you’ll enjoy using and can easily remember

• Save the recipe in case you ever forget


iPhone 7 Plus


Enjoy untethered password entry!


• Unique, strong passwords for all your sites, without the maintenance/management

• Rest easy knowing your passwords aren’t recorded anywhere; not on a sticky note, in the app, or on the cloud

• Password freedom! Recall passwords from anywhere–at a friend’s house or on-the-go, without consulting software or your phone


• Add a “secret code” that isn’t stored anywhere, so that if someone finds your recipe, they still won’t know your passwords

• Create additional recipes and store them in a recipe list so you can, for example, keep one recipe for financial accounts (more complex) and one for gaming (faster entry)

• Check the strength of your passwords with a built-in strength meter

• Instantly test your recipe against 100 popular site names to ensure every password meets the most common requirements

• Protect the app from unauthorized access with a passcode

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