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Password for Viber

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Everyone have a private messages on Viber and need to keep it safe,

iPhone 7s

so this app is your solution.
It’s a first app in the Appstore that can protect your Viber App and backup Viber Messages.

iOS 9

1-Exclusive feature that you will never find it before.
Now with this App you can hide your viber and secure it with the same icon into your home screen
so every time you will trying to open your viber it will ask you for a password.
2-You Can save all your history in this app,search,delete and Append.
Yes you can append message in this App so if you have a private message stored in this app
and you need to append anything to it all you have to do is to insert the backup file
and the App will handle it even if there’s old conversation in the file was imported before
the app will append only the new message.
3-Endless Scrolling.
4-This App is not only Secure your Data with Passcode it’s Also protect U if someone
try to insert Passcode for 3 times the app will start the alarming system that will not stopped
till you insert the right Passcode.
5-IOS6 users will Have same IOS7 Design every things is designed in the App ;).
6-Import your history with only one step.
7-learn you how to hide your apps like never with special feature & tricks.

Get it before price grown up with the new feature in the next release:-
"Exclusive feature for Password for viber (hide your viber app and Secure it)"
This feature will be available with the new price and after release of "Protect Apps" App
1-unique Search Method.
2- ICloud to Backup the data online.
3-More Than Method to Passcode.

iPhone 6 Plus

4-Custom your messages view.
5-And Much More 😉

Have a unlimited experience with this App.
Thank you All 🙂

This App is no way associated to,endorsed by or affliated to Viber inc.
It’s an independent app.
If you have any question please email us
[email protected]

Best Solution ever to import your history with only one step from your device.
Secure your native Viber App like never before with simulating the same icon of the app into your home screen


and every time you will try to login to your viber it will ask you for a password .

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