PatternCraft | Best Apps and Games 17 January,2019


PatternCraft helps you to easily create patterns (for example for knitting, crochet, beading, etc.) and experiment with different colours—something that you can’t do with patterns in books or magazines.

Easily tap out patterns with your palette of up to 10 colours (that you can change freely and choose from millions of shades), and 180 knitting and crochet symbols, up to a size of 100 columns x 100 rows.

Once you have entered your pattern you can then change any of the colours to any shade you can imagine; you can even pick colours right out of your photos!

PatternCraft was inspired by the needs of an avid knitter—all feedback and suggestions on how to make it an even better tool for the pattern-crafting community are very welcome!

New! Due to popular demand you can now change the numbering to start from any corner you like.

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