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PDF Expert – Fill forms, annotate PDFs

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PDF Expert is a PDF reader and note-taker for OS X. PDF Expert is the ultimate solution for all your PDF needs. It lets you read and annotate PDF documents, highlight text, make notes, draw and save these changes being compatible with Preview and Adobe Acrobat.

● Annotation
Add Text, Anchored, Circle, Box, Highlights, Underline, Strike and Freehand drawing on the PDF.

● Searching
find specific information in PDF quickly

● Talking: PDF Expert has integrated text to speech conversion feature that makes text audible without additional software.

● Save Bookmarks
Used bookmark to keep your place in your documents and to enable you to return to it with ease.

● Fill Forms

Steve Jobs

Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat.

● Create notes

MacBook Air

Add comments to the text you read.

● Underline and Strike-Through words-
Mark-up errors and emphasize important sentences.

● Read PDFs with ease

ric flair

PDF Expert has one of the best PDF viewers on the mac. It opens large files, supports full text search, handles PDF links and outlines, opens password protected documents and extracts text from the PDFs.

● Share Files With Your Friends


Email files directly from PDF Expert with all annotations preserved.

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